Saturday, 16 August 2014


Bessie (Sofia gave the Essex the name!) arrived a few weeks ago from ebay. She was bought because Sofia has been becoming more and more interested in mummy sewing.

She arrived with a broken needle and years of dirt in her gears. I cleaned and oiled her up but was initially stumped with regards to replacing her needle, none of the needles I had would fit as they were all too big. Thankfully after consulting with the gentleman who recently serviced my machine I found out that singer needles have smaller heads and fit perfectly.

Once Bessie was up and running Sofia was desperate to make something. I had a look through my stash and found some sweetie material in my scrap section and some dots to go with it. I even found a piece of red/pink and white gingham to use as backing.

This is Sofia piecing the strips together. A lot of help was needed and it was definitely a joint effort but every stitch was made by Sofia.

Sofia was so proud that she ran through to show Daddy after she finished a row. This is what it looked like after I ironed it.

I decided that because Bessie is a chain stitch machine and Sofia sometimes turns the handle the wrong way it would be best if we used my machine to quilt Sofia's mini. I must admit it was slightly scary because Sofia was in charge of the foot pedal (who wouldn't be - she is only 2!) but about half way through she managed to get the pressure just right and the speed reduced to acceptable.

Once quilted I ironed and trimmed Sofia's quilt. The binding was then put on using Bessie again. Sofia even helped when it came to sewing the binding on by hand (for a few stitches at least!)

Sofia has declaired that she now needs to make a bag!

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