Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My first apron!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. My mother in law, her fiancee (Gary) and his parents came to stay over a weekend which although very hectic, it was really great to get to know everyone better before the wedding in a few weeks time. We had a shopping mission whilst they were here because we needed to sort out shoes for Sofia because she is a flower girl and find an outfit for James  as he will be carrying the rings on a pillow. A pillow I still have to make! Talk about pressure, the wedding is getting nearer and I'm still waiting for the fabric to make the cushion from.

This last weekend my husband was away for the stag do which meant I was home with the children and no car for the whole weekend. I was so surprised when I realised that I actually got more done when I was by myself. I got a few extra meals made and some jobs done I had been trying to get round to for a while and I even found time to make my sister her long awaited apron. My little sister asked for an apron over a year ago and finally after quite a lot of procrastinating I finally managed to make a reversible apron.

I picked up the fabric last week on a trip over to Newcastle and this is the end result. My very first apron.

I really enjoyed making this apron and it as a bit of making it up as you go along, although taking these photos was not an easy challenge because the wind kept catching it.

Have you tried anything new and out of your comfort zone recently?

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  1. what a cute apron! I know she will love it. I always get so much done when my hubby is away! don't know why that is...