Thursday, 3 July 2014

It's A Sister Thing Swap

I was browsing instagram the other day and one thing let to another and I found the sign up page for this swap the day it was due to close. So on a whim I signed up!

I woke up this morning to find the details of the person I will be stalking following in my inbox. It is a secret swap so the person I will be sending to won't be the person I will be receiving from. I couldn't get my head around this kind of swap the first time I took part in one because I had always taken part in swaps where I had a partner and could ask questions to get an idea of what someone liked.

Now I thought I would be nice to my sender because even though I post pictures of my makes most are made with other people in mind and it is very rare I make something for me. I thought I would let you have a taste of my taste. To be honest whatever you make I will love because you will of made it for me!

 This pouch was made by Esther at ipatchandquilt in the triple zip pouch swap and I really love it and use it all the time for my go to sewing supplies. (needles, seam ripper, a few threads, thread catcher, scissors and other bits and pieces.) I love the quilting Esther used mainly because it is something I can't dream of being able to do!
 I made this lunch bag for my best friends birthday and cut into some fabric which was given to me by my husband a couple of years ago at Christmas. I was really unsure of it at the time but teamed with some fabrics from my scrap pile I actually really like it. The fabric used for the top and handles was given to me by my now wonderful friend Ellyn who was my partner in my first ever swap. I love this fabric so much and this seamed like the perfect project for it.

I fell in love with this mini when I saw the tutorial on the run up to valentines day. I was going to make it from my fabric scraps but when I found the mini charm pack I knew I had to make it using fabric from the original collection. The fabric is surrounded by love Katie Spain (moda). 

Well my secret stalker I hope that helps a little but I have an instagram addiction at the moment so you can also stalk me here!


  1. so happy to see you using the fabric I sent! and honored to have been your first swap partner!

  2. Hey hey! What a surprise to see the pouch again! I am so glad to hear you use it often!!!
    I wish you lots of fun with the new swap.