Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sadie Tote!

Earlier in the month I was lucky enough to pattern test for Clover &Violet. I went into the test thinking what am I going to use a tote for? I wonder who I could give it to. How wrong could I be! I love it and I mean I really love it!

I've been using since I finished it. It is such a great size. It's not too big and having two pockets is extra handy. I took my children on a school outing yesterday and was able to fit all that I needed into it. My children had a great time and loved the giant sandpit!

The outside pocket is big enough to keep those frequently used items in without them getting lost. Yesterday I kept some tissues, hand gel as well as a pen and a packet of wet wipes. My inside pocket held items I wanted to find fast but keep safe like my wallet and mobile. The inside space was big enough to hold our lunch, a change of clothes for the children, a couple of nappies, 3 water bottles, an apple each and more.

The shoulder pad is a great idea because it kept the straps together so when I had to search through to find things.

The fact that it is reversible is really handy. James decided to grab hold of it with chocolate fingers a couple of days after I started using it and I was just about to go out so I reversed it which meant the mark was on the inside. When I got back in I simply machine washed it and it dried in the afternoon on the washing line.

So if you need a new tote I would definitely recommend the Sadie tote from Clover & Violet, the pattern is a combination of photos and clear instructions which are easy to follow.

If you are looking for some fabric combination ideas please take a look at the release post over at Clover & Violet  - they are also running a giveaway too!

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