Sunday, 15 June 2014

Making friends

If my blog had feelings it would definitely be feeling rejected. It is so long since I have had the time or energy to sit down and tell you what has been happening.

My two littlies finally got better. Although on hospital instructions I had to take James to the doctors to confirm that he actually had chicken pox and I came away still not knowing, so next time someone has chicken pox I have to try and get my two infected just in case!

When I first got back into sewing and started quilting I looked to the internet for ideas and guidance. I stumbled across Clover & Violet and started following them on Facebook. I can't believe it hasn't even been a year since Jennie over at Clover & Violet put out a request for pattern testers for a new bag pattern that had to be done in a hurry. Not having a clue what I was getting myself into and never having made a bag before or followed a pattern, I volunteered and threw myself into it. I only had a very limited stash (although my current stash isn't much better at the moment - I never have enough of the right yardage!) so my fabric choices were based on what I had in and what would go with it and on this occasion it had to include scraps (quite a lot of the time it includes scraps with me as that is what most of my stash is - someone else's scraps!). I even had to substitute the interfacing and called for batting with polyester batting as that is all I had in at the time that was suitable. The covered button though was my biggest make do and mend. I searched through my button stash and found an old already used button and covered it by sewing the material round, I promised that I would change it when I could get a replacement but I never have.

The bag in question is the Lucy hobo and here is a picture of my finished bag. It is a dreadful picture and was taken at some unearthly hour with poor lighting but it is the best I have.

Anyway I have gone off point. I LOVED it and I mean seriously LOVED it. I loved every aspect from making the bag to going through the pattern with a fine toothed comb and seeing if there was a full stop in the wrong place. I was completely energised after that test and even went on to make another Lucy hobo as a present but I only used two colours. I think it worked well and the recipient loved it.

Anyway I must have done a decent job as a pattern tester because I got an email from Jennie a couple of months later to test the Penelope bag and I jumped at the chance. No sooner had I accepted, I ended up in hospital with James for over 3 weeks. As you can imagine and may know hospital days can be very long and not wanting to let Jennie down and desperate for something to do when I wasn't needed I explained my situation to Jennie and offered to do my best not knowing at that time what as wrong with my son. Jennie agreed that I could continue and even if I didn't make the bag I could give feedback on the pattern. My lovely husband was the go between for the first week as I had no internet access in our local hospital. After the first week and a lot of blood taken from my son they diagnosed suspected endocarditis and we were transferred to the heart unit we know as a second home for IV antibiotics for a minimum of 2 weeks. I bought internet access so that I could keep my mum updated as she was taking care of Sofia. Because my husband and I took it in turns at the quiet times I was able to borrow a machine from my aunt, get a few supplies and try to make up the bag. Well I did make it but I 'm afraid I'm not sharing it. I made a complete mess at the end and when I (if I) get the inclination I might go back and fix it but until then it is staying in the drawer hidden from view.

Anyway I kept in touch with Jennie and look at the wonderful bundle of goodies that arrived in the post the other week. I might have been jumping around the room a bit when it came as along with the amazing scraps that she sent and the sewing hardware D rings etc she sent a spool of Aurifil!!!! I have heard so much about this thread but haven't been able to get my hands on any. I'm so excited but delaying using it until I have a project worthy of it.

In these last couple of weeks I have done another pattern test for the Sadie tote and love it (I'm already using it) but I'm going to keep my bag under wraps until it is released which will hopefully be soon.

Anyhow little did I know that commenting on a Facebook post 11 months ago would mean that I have a new friend, a love of bags and an addiction to pattern testing!

So if you fancy making yourself a bag, head over to Clover & Violet and try and decide between all their great patterns. If you want to start with something smaller they have a free pattern the Bella clutch. I made this pattern lots leading up to Christmas (when we weren't in hospital) and gave them as presents this last year and everyone loved them. this is photo of one I made. (I didn't put a strap on this one.)

Hopefully I won't leave it so long until my next post!

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  1. what fun! love the goodies she sent you. here's to a long stretch with no hospital stays for you guys. (looks like we may be heading to the hospital with Ally soon, I totally sympathize)