Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Two down, One to go!

I seam to have a memory like a sieve at the moment. I finished the runner for my uncle wrapped it up and gave it to him at the weekend. What I forgot to do was take a picture of it!

So armed with camera I headed over there after I dropped the children off at play school. I found the runner on top of the chest of drawers where I designed it to go but instead of the sheep and chickens he had the backing fabric on show. Note to self - my uncle does not like things fussy!

Now I apologise for the picture quality, I had a bit of a sunshine issue - a very rare occurrence in the UK but very welcome!

My other finish is the Amelia top which was my very first attempt into making children's clothing. I didn't exactly follow the pattern as the material I was using just happened to be an old bathroom curtain from my mother in law and I didn't want to break up the material by putting a band in. I made the biggest size I could and added a little extra length.

Now I know I went for the biggest size and I expected it to be big on Sofia and it was so I added a pleat in the back so that it can be let out when she is bigger. I also didn't use button holes - the buttons are decorative and I used plastic snap fasteners to do the job. Not bad for an old curtain is it?

I have also deceied on my fabric for my next project. I'm only using two and keeping it simple.

Have you tried anything new and out of your comfort zone recently?

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