Thursday, 8 May 2014

Stuck in the middle...

I seam to be going through a patch where I start a project and something else takes priority. Does anyone else have this issue?

At the moment I have three projects on the go! One of which is still a pile of fabric I need to turn into a present for someone whose birthday it was last week! Thankfully I won't be seeing them for a couple of weeks so I hope I will have the time!

I started making a dress for Sofia but that has been sidelined by a birthday present for someone who's birthday it is on Saturday! In this case I will be seeing them!

I've got it to the quilting stage but after a very unsuccessful attempt at quilting it with invisible thread and an hour spent unpicking it. I'm at a quandary as to how to quilt it. It is for my uncle and he is what I would class as an old fashioned cumbrian farmer so I'm not sure how it will go down. I'm thinking along the lines of quilting straight lines 1/8 inch either side of the ditch. I'm not happy enough with my free motion to try that so suggestions are welcome.

It is a runner for the top of his drawers. I was stuck with my phone for taking pictures so please excuse the quality. The second picture shows the colours more accuratly.

I picked up this variegated thread at a sale last month, the colour is slightly brighter than the picture shows and I think it is the tread I'm going to use to quilt with.

Any ideas?


  1. I think your idea of echo quilting each side of the seams is a good one! that's probably what I would do. It's a lovely gift!

  2. I think your idea to quilt parallel to the patchwork is perfect. The fabric is so fun and it should get the limelight! Keep the quilting simple is my advice. I also like how the simplicity of the quilting fits with the "no nonsense attitude " of farmers! ( at least the ones I know)