Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Adding to the stash...

I think I have started writing my next post at least 4 times and hopefully my "next post" will be this one! It makes sense in my head honest!!!

There is lots to tell so I'm going to break it down into separate posts.

A couple of weeks ago I headed off to a local de-stash sale. I got there not long after the door had opened and as you can imagine it was packed. There was a lot of what I would call furnishing fabric but out of the 6 stalls I found a few bargains on 4 and found fabric on 2.

I normally stat clear of panels but these two made there way into my hands. The diggers are for James as he is a bit fan and the sunflowers with a harvest theme are puzzling me as i have no idea what to do with it.

I took photos of the fabric at the time but the threads and zips I purchased have since been swallowed up by my stash.

This bit of catty Halloween fabric is about a metre in length and goes on the pile of "fabric I like but have no idea what to do with".

Love the fact that you can see stars within the pattern of the fabric if you look closely enough.

 These bright cheery fabric is going to be turned into clothing for Sofia as there is well over a metre  of it.

My favourite find of the day is this little stash of liberty fabric. Again, I have no clue what to do with it I'm sure time will tell.

I almost forgot I got a cute A5 size self healing cutting mat as well, which is great for small piece.

All in all it was a great sale and I met some lovely people there. My best buy most defiantly was the zips as I bought 14" plus in length and cost less than half the price charged for an 8" in the local haberdashery.

I love finding a bargain. What about you? 

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