Friday, 18 April 2014


It has been one of those weeks that completely exhausts you and you don't really know why.

James had me up all night this last Sunday, I could tell something was not right so I took him to the spare bedroom and tried to settle him to sleep. He tossed and turned most the night but when he was still I could hear his breathing which was sounding slightly laboured. I got him into see the doctor the next day and over the very loud sound of his heart the doctor could hear a crackle in his lungs. So James is on his second course of antibiotics this year. Fingers crossed he doesn't need any more in the near future.

I have only managed a token mount of sewing this week as I was mainly sowing!

Inside I have carrots, leeks, onions, pumpkin, lavender and cress.

Carrots, Onions, Leeks, Pumpkin & the small pots have a lavender seed in each as an experiment.
 Nothing much to see as nothing has germinated yet.

 Unlike the cress which is about 2 inches tall and has partially been harvested for a round of egg and cress sandwiches. Yummy!

Lavender tray
I might look like photo of compost but if you look closely enough you can see my first lavender seedling just peeping through.

Outside Sofia and I planted potatoes and some sunflower seeds as well.

Now it might sound odd but I've been making chutney today. Last Autumn I used all my fruit up making jams, jelly's and chutneys. My gran on the other hand had more apples than she knew what to do with so stored some. The other week she sent some apples for me to use. I only just found the time this week to use them so here are the results. I can still hear the lids popping as I write this.

I also realised that my fruit bowl had 3 very ripe bananas looking sorry for themselves so I made banana bread muffins and buns!

Now I would usually make a loaf and I don't know what I do but it always looks uncooked in the middle in fact it is always uncooked in the middle. So this time I decided to try muffins and buns and am so glad I did. They are supper yummy and more importantly cooked! They passed the James and Sofia test and no crumbs were left.

I did manage a quick trip to the local quilting shop this week and picked up 2 grey fat quarters. I  have a project in mind for them but goodness knows when I will get round to doing it!

Does anyone else feel like time is slipping away fast at the moment?


  1. seems I always feel like time is slipping away. Praying for sweet James that he will be better very soon. How wonderful that you are sowing! I cannot grow a single thing

  2. Pffffff, me too! It is Friday already, and wanted to do so many thing this week that just did not happen.
    I am sooooo tired! :-)