Thursday, 10 April 2014


I love charity shops (I think you call them goodwill shops or thrift shops in the US?). I always have done. I love buying something at a low cost and either customising it or recycling it.

Today I'm recycling.

I left the local charity shop with these two old, battered pouches that have come to the end of their lives. The photo graphs don't really show it but they are covered in stains.

I only wanted them for one reason and that was the zips which were still in really good condition. I have no idea what the zips would cost new but for 20 pence which is half the price of one normal 8 inch zip I can't complain.

These zips will be going into my stash to be use at a later date.

Does anyone else recycle?

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  1. awesome buy! I do.... I love to buy vintage fabrics, stained tableclothes, old sheets, etc, cut them up and make something new