Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Chicks!

I love family time and although I've hardly touched my machine at all in the last week and sleep has taken priority (I usually sew at night!) I have really enjoyed this last week.

The sun has been shining theses last few days and we even ventured outside for a meal yesterday. Granted it was just bacon rolls but it was hopefully the first of many we will have this year.

Today we had a lunch at my parents and my sister and her boyfriend came over from the north east coast for the day. My little sister is so sweet, she gave me this beautiful necklace as a late mothers day gift and what she wrote in the card had me on the verge of tears. Isn't it gorgeous.

As my parents live on a farm we all helped out when it came to feeding the cattle at my parents house (I say helped out it was more like we fed the hens and my Dad did the rest!). Anyway my Mum mentioned that they had bought some eggs 3 weeks ago and set them under a clocker and that they would be hatching soon. Dad went off to check and we had chicks!

This very protective mummy is a light sussex and the cute fluffy chicks are copper marans. The photo was taken just after they were moved into their new home (pen) from the top of a stack of bales. It was the only photo opportunity as they were soon hiding under their mum and out of sight.

Tomorrow is another family day. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Easter.

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