Thursday, 10 April 2014

April Birthdays

My little gran and auntie's birthday's are next to each other on the calender right at the beginning of April. Somehow April came from nowhere and I wasn't prepared. I usually make a gift with someone in mind but on these two occasions both gifts were from my just for fun stash.

This is what my little gran received.

I made this about a year ago when I attended a craft group run in a local haberdashery shop. It was the first one and I was introduced to a Sizzix Big Shot machine. The person running the group had made bunting with felt and the other two people attending went off to buy supplies to do the same. I decide that bunting was not for me so I headed to the bargain bin and picked up some fabric. The result was this mini quilt which has been hidden away ever since. I remember at the time my little gran commented on how much she liked it, so I pulled it out of my stash as it was an ideal present and I'm so glad I did as she loves it.

My auntie received this pouch.

I pieced and quilted these pinwheels when I was making up my pouch for the triple zip pouch swap  earlier this year. I was going to use it as the body of my pouch but changed my mind after I had got so far. It was just sat next to my sewing table and as soon as I had decided not to make the triple zip pouch using it, I knew I wanted to make it into a "normal" zip pouch. So this was the pouch I made. I didn't have any idea at the time where this pouch would end up but it is now loved by my auntie.

Does anyone out there have a just made this for fun stash or is it just me?

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