Sunday, 23 March 2014

Patchwork Mummy Pouch Swap Complete!

I am so happy to be able to sit down and write this post. Everyone who has taken part in this pouch swap has now sent and received their pouches and goodies! I originally opened this swap up on my Facebook page as I had not started to blog at the time. It is a small group and including myself there were only 10 participants. For my first swap as host it is really nice because I can show you what was swapped in one post.


I have photos of all of the pouches sent and received now so it's time to share.

My partner was Jessica and this is the pouch I sent her. The idea for the patchwork design came from the lucy hobo bag by Clover & Violet I love how it is so simple but really effective.

I received this fantastic pouch from Jessica. Look at all those goodies! Jessica also sent me some ribbon but I have somehow managed to miss it off my photo as well as a magnet which immediately found a new home on my fridge.

Ellyn was partnered with Michell. This is the pouch Ellyn sent to Michell. In fact Ellyn sent two pouches to Michell!

And this is the pouch Michell sent to Ellyn.The owls are so cute!

Both these photos have been taken by Ellyn and are from her blog. You can read about them and see more photos by following the links underneath the photos.

Ingrid was partnered with Diann. This is the pouch Ingrid sent to Diann along with a lovely key chain and some chocolates which didn't make it into the photos.

And this is the pouch Diann sent to Ingrid. Diann sent me a couple of photos of the bag and the goodies she sent. I couldn't decide which one to show so I'm putting them all up! I love the charm packs and the see through pouch she sent.

Margaret and Joletta were partnered up. This is the pouch Joletta sent to Margaret. Love the fabric choices for this and the decorative stitches round the panel.

This is the pouch Margaret sent to Joletta. The stitchery is so cute and I love the little birds on the fabric.

And finally Shannon and Britt-Inger were partnered up. This is the pouch Shannon sent to Britt-Inger. Love the colour choices Shannon has used.

And this is the pouch that Britt-Inger sent to Shannon. I love the embroidery pocket.

Well that's my first swap as host finished. A HUGE thank you to everyone who took part. I hope you all enjoyed the swap. Thank you to everyone for letting me share your work and photos.

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  1. so much fun to see everyone's pouches! thanks for hosting Jenny! I hope you'll do more swaps!