Wednesday, 5 February 2014

They are growning up fast!

The past couple of days we have been to see the two places where James and Sofia will be going to for 15 hours a week!

At the first place which is a nursery James took off straight away to play with the trains returning just a couple of times with Thomas the tank engine in hand and making sure that I had seen him. Sofia was a bit unsure to start with but when she knew that painting was on offer she was glued to the easel.

 You would not believe the amount of paint she used. Both of them took overnight to dry!

The second place we visited was a childminders and she was lovely. She has great facilities and keeps the number of children she takes low so that she can give the children plenty of individual attention.

We can't wait for them to start so that they can interact with other children without us being there. They have both missed out on a lot of interaction with other children because of James needing to either be in hospital or waiting for an operation or recovering from one. 
I've not really spent much time at my sewing machine this last week but I have been desperate to make up a head band for Sofia using the fold over elastic I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I saw the tutorial by Jennie at Clover & Violet and thought that Sofia would love one. This is the best photo I could take as she kept moving and was not a very easy subject to work with. What do you think?

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  1. I love Sofia's headband! she's adorable & I'm sure the kiddos will love spending time with others their own size!