Friday, 28 February 2014

Pattern Test, Pouch Swap, Birthday & Anniversary!

Right the twins are at the childminders for the day so I can finally get some jobs done.

First on my list was having a cup of coffee and second on my list is writing my blog!

Jennie over at Clover & Violet sent me the new pattern she was releasing for the Julia Wallet. It's such a great pattern as well. Definitely worth a look if you need a new wallet and it has a smaller version which would be ideal for a man. It does use an interfacing that I can not find in the UK and have only found available in the US so that will be going on my shopping list next time my auntie pops across the pond to visit her friend!

I had a job interview at the beginning of the week which meant that I had to go shopping to get some new clothes because I don't think mummy chic would of fitted the bill. I still haven't heard anything and I would really love this job so fingers crossed. 

Monday morning I received some lovely mail!  I took part in the triple pouch swap hosted by Stephaine over at Quater Incher and received this gorgeous pouch from Esther at ipatchandquilt with some fantastic fabric, button magnets and the magnets were even wrapped in some patchwork paper. I love it all!

It was my birthday in the middle of the week so my mummy took me out for a girly day. I dragged her round all the quilting and sewing shops and spend quite a long time looking at sewing machines. I'm saving up to buy a new one. I came away with some lovely brochures.

I know they are all for brother machines but they were the only booklets in the shop!

 I picked them all up and I think the V3 and V5 are definitely out of my price range! I will be heading back to the shop to try some machines out in the future does anyone have any suggestion for my to try?

Yesterday was the anniversary of James' second open heart operation. I was the BIG one where they closed his VSD (hole in the heart between his ventricles). It took him quite a while to recover from this operation as they had to cut into the heart muscle. I couldn't not mention it as it was the operation that brought his SATs up to the 90's when they had been dropping to the 60's regually and just before the operation were dropping to the 40's.

Fingers crossed I can get some sewing done now as it's been a busy week.


  1. what a lovely triple zip pouch you received! and a new sewing machine? Yay! My daughter has a "beginner" brother that has worked well for her. I am a Janome girl, I have two of them! Good luck with the job interview...

    1. Mine is a "beginner" brother as well and I really do love it but would love a new one. I have some pennies saved up so now all I I need to do is decide what I like. :-)

  2. I love my brother, if it is for quilting the 1500 is a straight stitch that quilts like a dream