Monday, 3 February 2014


What a weekend!  Our visitors arrived in a car and not a motorhome so all the plans I had to sew and get a few little bits and pieces done over the weekend just did not happen as my sewing area was not accessable! I did however go shopping and that was dangerous!

As well as hosting Patchwork Mummy Pouch Swap I also signed up to Round 2 of the Triple-Zip Pouch Swap hosted by Stephanie over at Quarter Incher and received my partner details last week but obviously I did not have three zips in the right shades for the fabrics I had chosen so I had to go shopping! I might of just picked up a few while I was out!


I also have a bit of a ribbon addiction at the moment and while I was wandering round the market I picked up a couple to add to my collection. Nothing exciting at all but it was less than £1 for 2 metres of both! 

I definitely couldn't resist this wonderful Moda mini charm pack.

I came across a great tutorial for such a cute mini quilt a few days ago using this charm pack and was planning on making it up using scraps from my stash and still may do so but I think I was in shock at seeing the pack in a UK shop more than anything else.

I managed to find a few minutes earlier today to play a great game with Sofia. It was a very strange version of pairs where we had to match  swap partners up for Patchwork Mummy's Pouch Swap! I'm thrilled to say that all partners have been assigned and I can't wait to start on my partners pouch now that our visitors have gone and I can have access to my sewing area again!

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  1. what wonderful treasures you picked up for yourself! I can't wait to see your pretty Valentines mini!