Friday, 14 February 2014

All finished & hearts!

Well both pouches for the two pouch swaps I am taking part in are finished! Now all I need to do is fill with goodies and send them off next week!  Now obviously I can't post photos of the pouches yet but I can let you see what Sofia made when she was at her taster session with the childminder this morning.

Next time they go to the childminder they will be taking packed lunch and having their lunch there. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I could put in their packed lunch boxes? My mind is drawing a blank.

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  1. lovely work Sophia! Following in your Mummy's footsteps I see! I would pack them foods that are familiar and easy to eat at first, finger foods? my kids loved "deli style" lunches when they were little. lunchmeat and cheese cut in fancy shapes with cookie cutters, animal crackers & grapes?