Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A bit of a catch up!

I have kept meaning to sit down to write but time has been flying away. The last few nights the choice was sew or blog and as you can imagine the choice was not a hard one. I've been practising my pinwheels thinking I would use them on a pouch for a swap but when I had the main piece pieced I changed my mind.

I was told about this great technique for pinwheels and even better was given the you tube link so I could see it in action. Now I have tried it I don't think I will revert to my old ways!

Last Wednesday night I got a text telling me that the next morning my Dad would be round with someone from Radio 4 to do an interview about the solar panels he had put on our garage roof. Talk about a shock I was up early tidying and cleaning and as the guy pulled up I was just packing the hoover away. Needless to say they were in the house for 15 minutes and conducted the interview on my drive! You can hear the crunch of the gravel as they walk and talk. I you fancy a listen you better be quick as the link only lasts for 7 days and it was aired last Friday. The interview starts around 45 minutes and 30 seconds into the program.

I have finished the triple-zip pouch I have made for my partner in the Triple-Zip Pouch Swap
hosted by Stephanie over at Quarter Incherand am currently in the process of filling it with goodies before I post it. It will be winging it's way over to it's new owner in about a weeks time as that is the earliest posting date requested! I will hopefully be able to pop up a photo before the end of the month once it has reached its new owner.

I'm currently designing and making a pouch for the pouch swap I am hosting. I'm definitely enjoying making this pouch more and by no way am I saying that the triple-zip pouch was not fun to make but I like having the freedom to make something personal which is evolving  as I sew.

I have to also thank my husband for holding the fort on Sunday as I went out for a walk. It might of been cold, raining and windy but I must confess that you can't beat a walk by the sea. I took a couple of photos on my phone so that I could share.

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  1. I'm having fun getting my pouch ready to mail too! glad you've gotten some sewing time in!