Friday, 31 January 2014

Patchwork Mummy Pouch Swap - Sign Ups - 24 hours left!


You have 24 hours left to sign up to the pouch swap. For anyone who visits in the next 24 hours and would like to sign up please read the information below from the Facebook event before doing so.

I loved taking part in my very first pouch swap and made a great new friend so I though that I would host a swap myself so that more people can make a new friend.
Please read the information below carefully all the way to the end. If you decide to take part please sign up and spread the word.

WHAT: The Patchwork Mummy Pouch Swap is a handmade swap where you exchange a pouch made using quilt shop quality materials, it can be any size or style.

All I ask is that you make something that you would be happy to receive.

If you have pets, please make sure there is no pet hair on your pouch before shipping.

Include local treats, goodies or anything you feel your partner would like. If mailing chocolate, keep in mind your partner's location.

WHERE: This is an international swap and where possible you will be matched with an international partner.

WHO: This is a direct swap between a pair and each pair chosen by me. There is a limit on participants for administration reasons however; it is on a first come first served basis. I will post once the limit is reached and close this event. Everyone is welcome, from beginners through to those who are advanced.

WHEN: You'll receive your partner's details within a couple of days of the event closing. If you don't get an email from me by then, please get in touch. The postage deadline will be February 28th, giving you just under 4 weeks to complete your gift and post it.


By committing to this swap, you will be agreeing to post a parcel via international mail which is not always cheap.

We can’t go to all this hard work without sharing all the gorgeous pouches that will be made so I have created our own group on facebook so that we can share our work in a closed group.

What to include in your parcel:

• A handmade pouch

• A lovely card or postcard from your home town.

• A little gift maybe some sweets for your partner to enjoy or maybe something
crafty. Please ensure that these goods to comply with customs.

Use this opportunity to make a new friend! Email each other, become facebook friends and if they have one check out their blog or share yours. You might just be partnered up with someone who will be a life long friend!

Thank you for reading through all the details, if this swap sounds good to you, go ahead and send an email to to sign up please include:

• Your full name
• Mailing address
• Blog address if you have one or facebook page
• Any food allergies.

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