Monday, 27 January 2014

The start of something new!

I think it is time I bit the bullet and wrote my first post!

I've been working on setting up this blog for well over a week and I still can't work out were to find half the gadgets I want to use so if it keeps changing you will understand why. Even now writing this post I keep thinking of bits I need to change and add. Any hints and tips my fellow bloggers have would be greatly appreciated. It took my very patient husband well over an hour to give me a basic overview of what I needed to do and how to navigate the site. Needless to say he was rewarded with extra chocolate biscuits!

I've had a facebook page for quite some time now and after missing out on swap deadlines I decided to host a pouch swap because I love doing swaps. My very first pouch swap hosted by Lily Patch Quilts was so much fun. I even made a lovely new friend - Ellyn from Ellyn's place. Look at the wonderful pouch I received and such lovely goodies.

The sign ups close on January 31st so there is not much time but if you are interested please head over to Patchwork Mummy Pouch Swap and have a read.

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  1. yay! you have a blog! I love it. Mine is on blogspot too so if you have questions let me know & I'll do my best to answer them! welcome to the club...